Review: Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino

💕💜🦄 Starbucks Unicorn Frapp!!💕💜🦄 I absolutely LOVE Unicorns! So much that I got over 25 snaps/calls/texts telling me that this special edition was coming out 😂 Big thanks to my friend (and Starbucks Queen), Rebecca, for making sure I got to try it!! • I heard a few complaints and I’m NOT in that crowd!…

My favorite skincare must-haves!

Everyone has to find the products that work best for their skin, whether 10 steps, 2 steps, daily, weekly, or what! We’ve got to take care of our skin! It’s the first thing that introduces us as we walk into a room.If you begin to take care of it now, it will treat you well far down the line!

Smoothie Prep Packs!

I adore a great smoothie, anytime of the day! The great thing about Smoothies is, they’re quick and easy to make, portable and GREAT for you!