About The Diva


I would love to say that I don’t know where my love of cooking, DIY, and beauty comes from, but I come from a family of creatives who always seemed like experts to me. A Grandfather who spends spare time crafting amazing pieces from a simple cut of wood, a Mother who can walk into a room and have it mentally redecorated within 15 min, a sister with experience as Makeup Artist & Fashionista, believe me, the list goes on! A theater nerd from way back, I’ve always found myself loving fabulous items but always being too cheap to pull the trigger at times! With a fabulous mother and an equally awesome, but price-savvy Dad, (like how I worded that instead of calling him cheap?) I was bound to pair the two at some point!

After years of covering cheap Dollar Store items in glitter, reading page after page of cookbooks in my free time and search for the best (and cheapest) beauty buys, a few friends prompted me to spill my secrets on keeping it cheap, trendy and fun! So here I am!

I try to bring a bit of my personality to everything I post about because that’s half the fun! I can be a little goofy, I let a few curse words slip every now and then and I may post one too many glitter images, but hopefully you’ll love me still!




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