Headboards Under $200!

Now that I have my perfect headboard, I can’t see how I lived a glam life without it. Now that I have one, I feel as if I MAY be a real adult. Don’t quote me on that. But I have been dreamingggg of a tufted headboard for SO long but I’m just so dern cheap! It’s a sickness. My mom being the Decor Diva she is, has gorgeous headboards in every bedroom of her home so I’ve taking a liking to them and started to feel like my bed was totally incomplete without one!

So my search began.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Under $50!

Ah, Mother’s Day! The holiday that gets us all in our feelings, has us considering selling off all of our wordly possessions in hopes of somehow obtaining enough money to buy our mothers the castles, diamonds and furs they truly deserve.

Living Room Updo under $100!

​ ​So, I’m a professional painter now. At least that’s what I’m telling everyone after I successfully painted my living room on my own 😭 Book me! I’m super excited because I love my little apartment but it needed some personality! In November, my absolutely wonderful Mom visited and added my first doses of decor…

Review: Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino

💕💜🦄 Starbucks Unicorn Frapp!!💕💜🦄 I absolutely LOVE Unicorns! So much that I got over 25 snaps/calls/texts telling me that this special edition was coming out 😂 Big thanks to my friend (and Starbucks Queen), Rebecca, for making sure I got to try it!! • I heard a few complaints and I’m NOT in that crowd!…

My favorite skincare must-haves!

Everyone has to find the products that work best for their skin, whether 10 steps, 2 steps, daily, weekly, or what! We’ve got to take care of our skin! It’s the first thing that introduces us as we walk into a room.If you begin to take care of it now, it will treat you well far down the line!

Smoothie Prep Packs!

I adore a great smoothie, anytime of the day! The great thing about Smoothies is, they’re quick and easy to make, portable and GREAT for you!

DIY: Hot Chocolate Bar for under $10!

When the holidays come around, I become insanely nostalgic and just a litttttle lame. Ugly sweaters, family photos with my dog, and comfy PJs all set the scene for me when we wrap around to December. Despite living in the Sunshine State, I like to always imagine that one day, we’ll have snow. I’m not…